The Franchise Industry’s Dirty Little Secret Pitfall Exposed, and The Solution to Overcome it!

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The Franchise Industry’s Dirty Little Secret Pitfall Exposed, and the Solution to Overcome it! 

The Dirty Little Franchise Secret: 

You may never hear the actual truth from the franchise industry folks but here is the dirty little secret. Many franchisors get started in the franchising process and fail to grow or even fail after investing countless amounts of money, time, and resources due to lack of the proper infrastructure, franchise experience, knowledge and ongoing growth support and team development. This is an expensive lesson to learn that can bring down a brand like a house of cards.  

The Great News! 

This common pitfall is easy to overcome when you have the right roadmap and experienced FULL-SERVICE support and coaching team to guide you. 

The Problem: This Pitfall is Perpetuated by the Franchise Industry 

Franchising your business successfully is not a “One and Done” event! Investing in the franchising process for your business is more like building a cruise ship than building a house. When you pay a contractor to build your house you end up with a home, you move in and that is all there is to it. Building a cruise ship is more than just the construction of the ship. You would need to learn how to operate the ship, hire, train, and retain your crew, market and sell cruises with full cabins, put on events, incentivize your customers to tell their friends and stay on as customers for life. And that is just the basics. What about unforeseen issues such as running aground, a death at sea, or bad weather? 

I think you can see the obvious example. It would be disastrous to just hop on your new cruise ship and figure it out on your own, wouldn’t it? The puzzling thing is how the vast majority of franchisors embark upon the franchising process in this way. Many sink and unfortunately the franchisees go down with the ship as well. 

To no fault of their own, many new franchisors end up trying to piecemeal their franchise organization together by hiring vendors individually like attorneys, website builders and others to save money or just because they don’t know how else to do it. 

The franchise industry perpetuates this pitfall because it is built up of an unorganized group of franchise vendors and suppliers that only offer one piece of the puzzle. Even franchise consultants and attorneys only offer pieces of the overall puzzle, so they build a portion of the ship or maybe even what appears to be the whole ship and hand you the keys. That is not the end of the journey, that is only the beginning. To become a successful CruiseLine, you would have to implement all parts of the puzzle. Not just the building of the ship. 

The Solution to Overcoming the Pitfall 

The franchising system secret that most new franchisors (and our competitors) completely miss is ignoring the power of the franchising model to build the franchise organization!  

Think about this. It makes perfect sense that one would need to implement a system to franchise their business that is similar to the franchising system that franchise owners seek that includes a proven system, ongoing training/coaching/support, ongoing innovations, marketing/recruiting assistance and overall business development. 

I figured out a long time ago that franchisors and franchisees have very similar needs.  

The Good News!  

Franchise Bible Coach is the only Full-Service Franchise Development and Executive Coaching Firm. We are the “Franchisor’s, Franchisor” and you can choose the level of help you need along the way. 

When you franchise your business, you are starting a whole new business. Some think that is merely a variation of their core business, but it is not. A franchisor creates a system (with our help), recruits qualified strangers to join (also with our help), trains them and supports them to grow a successful business that they know very little or nothing about. 

That is why we do more than just build your franchise system.  We stay with you just like you will stay with your franchisees to help them grow.  Whether you choose to keep us engaged in the Stage 4 Maintenance Phase in perpetuity or just call us in when you need us, we will always be here for you. 

We here at Franchise Bible Coach know that choosing the Company to help you build, launch and grow your franchise is a huge decision.  We have realized that our competitors have missed one of the biggest factors that determine the success or failure of a Franchise System.

They missed it because they have not built a franchise from scratch and worked through every single step of innovating, building, testing (trial and error), marketing, on-boarding the best franchisees, training and supporting them, hiring and building the best Franchise Executive and Support Team, creating world-class conventions and events, implementing incentive and rewards programs for franchisees, employees and customers, and every other small and big decisions that factor into a thriving franchise community, just to name a few.

Franchise success is a million little things and that is why it is important to have us in your corner at every turn.   

Investing in a "Franchise Development Company" that does not have this personal experience and has the ability to stay with you to teach and support you as you grow would be like a franchisor that has no real-world experience in the company products or services, selling you a franchise and then leaving you to figure things out on your own. 

Investing in Franchise Disclosure Documents, Operations Manuals, or a piece of a large multi-faceted puzzle to save money is a recipe for disaster. This is one of the main reasons that many start out in franchising and sink which is far more expensive than getting it right the first time. Imagine building your world-class franchise with the world’s top Franchise Development and Executive Coaching teams in your corner.  

Rick Grossmann, our Founder, is the only Franchise Development and Executive Coaching Expert that has lived through the entire franchising process for two of his own brands and his proprietary Franchise Success Plan is baked into our franchising process that countless franchisors have and are currently implementing all over the world.  Rick and his team offer the entire franchising process and will coach you and your team as you grow to become the most successful franchise organization in your category.   

Last Power Tip: 

If you are shopping other “franchising” options. Ask them: 

  1. How many franchise organizations of their own (not worked for) have they personally started and successfully grown. None or “I worked for one” doesn’t cut it.
  2. Then ask them to tell you about how they are set up to support you as you launch and grow. None? “Call us if you have questions?”, “You can attend our courses or classes”, or our answer; “We will be your coach in your corner to help you and your team at every turn like you will be for your franchisees!” 

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The Franchise Industry’s Dirty Little Secret Pitfall Exposed, and The Solution to Overcome it!