Fight for Your Franchise Challenge

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Week Number One Monday April 6th 2020

Most business owners feel as if we have collectively driven off a  cliff. The economy was great, people were optimistic, and the overall  outlook was very good. I am sure that most of you can remember how hard  it was to hire good staff members just a few months ago because the job  market was so strong. Now, we just had the largest number of single-week  unemployment filings in history. 

I serve as an executive coach  to many franchisors and franchise owners around the world. Usually,  tragedies are localized.  I have had many conversations over the years  where the person on the other end reported a regional disaster like a  hurricane or earthquake, and we've offered support and  encouragement. But while on a Zoom call with a client in Australia a few  days ago, they were suffering the same exact crisis that we are here in  Colorado. That is when I realized that we are truly all in this  together. 

When we get down to real-world fears, the biggest  question I'm hearing is, “How do we survive this?” And that's when it's  time to deploy hard-hitting coaching strategies that have an immediate  impact on operations, people and revenue. 

As I'm coaching my  clients, they're sharing their entrepreneurial solutions to the current  crisis with me, and their stories of perseverance and innovation  inspired me to do my part to give back to the franchise industry that I  love. Read the entire article - Click Here

Fight for Your Franchise Challenge