Franchise Bible Coach Clients Topping Entrepreneur 2022 Ranking

Entrepreneur Magazine posted their 2022 Top New & Emerging Franchise Ranking and Franchise Bible Coach Clients secured four of only 150 slots.

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Congratulations to Nick Lopez and his team at LIME Painting for coming in at #20 on the ranking.  They have run right through the "Franchise Doldrums" of 11 to 24 units and are now well in to the "Hockey Stick Growth" phase. They thrived during the pandemic with over 80 locations.  Nick recently told me that their goal is to break the 100 unit threshold by year's end. (

Mayumi Young from CPA MOMS made #38 on the list and also released her new book this week (  She has a strong group of early adopter franchise owners and a ready to enter the "Proof of Concept" buyer phase and head for "Hockey Stick" growth. Way to go!

Nick Zamucen and his team at Best Option Restoration ( came in at #60 and is building another empire like they did with Bio-One which is now the largest crime scene clean up company in the country.

Reid Husmer and the Gone for Good family takes the #126 slot. Way to go team!  (

They all achieved this during the Covid-19 Pandemic which demonstrates incredible leadership and drive.  The other important factor that these brands had in common was their commitment to getting their "Early Adopters" on board and successful immediately after launching.  This is a unique but critical strategy that most new franchisors do not understand.

We will be launching Franchise Mastermind groups in the Fall so our franchisors can meet once a month to share their successes, challenges and real world stories.  Be sure to sign up when we announce open registration.

Thank you all for your hard work and commitment.  We are here for you.  Keep fighting the good fight!


Rick and the Franchise Bible Coach Team

Franchise Bible Coach Clients Topping Entrepreneur 2022 Ranking